NKEPC Committee Assignments

(as of January 2018)

Sub-Committee Report

Grant Committee – Reports

Rodney Bell, Robert Stark, Mark Ihrig, Steve Hensley, James Pilcher, James Sparks, and William Turner


Training Committee – Reports

Kelly Aylor, Chuck Korzenborn, Kirk Reinhart, Bill Turner, Stella Barber, David Guethlein, and Steven Hearne


Compliance Committee – Reports

William Turner, Mark Ihrig, Steve Hensley, Kirk Reinhart, Jack Scheben, and Kelly Aylor


Social Media/Website Committee

Rodney Bell, William Turner, James Pilcher, Mark Ihrig, Kathy Stephens, and Steve Hensley


Public Education Committee

James Pilcher, Steve Hensley, Stella Barber, William R. Turner, and Rodney Bell


Planning Committee – Reports

Kirk Reinhart, William Fletcher, Rick Watkins, Dave Guethlein, Chuck Korzenborn, Kelly Aylor, Kevin Unkraut, Valerie Hines, and Greg Buckler


Membership Committee

William Turner, Mark Ihrig, Steve Hensley, Valerie Hines, and Dave Guethlein