SARA Title III (TAB Q-7) Plans

Extremely Hazardous Substance’s have additional reporting and planning requirements beyond Tier2 reporting. Facilities having any of these chemicals in quantities greater than 500 pounds or the threshold planning quantity (TPQ) whichever is lower are required to notify the State Emergency Response Commission (SERC – also known as KERC or KERC) and the NKEPC of the presence of these chemicals within sixty (60) days of the receipt of such chemicals. Within 30 days after notification the facility is required to provide emergency response planning information to the NKEPC and assist the NKEPC developing a Title III Plan (TAB Q-7) for all EHS’s in excess of the TPQ In accordance with KRS 39E.150.  The Plan will be included in the County’s Emergency Operation Plan (EOP) hazardous materials appendix and shall emphasize a coordinated response by all local emergency response organizations.

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