Alliance for Chemical Safety Awards

2016 Award Banquet at Behringer Crawford Museum


2007 Risk Communication Excellence Award

The Regional Emergency Planning Committee(REPC), a partnership of several Local Emergency Planning Committees, received this award for the development, publication, and distribution of emergency preparedness “Fingertip” books throughout the Greater Cincinnati area. The books, which are about 2 x 1.5″ in size, can attach to a refrigerator or other magnetized surface and offer emergency preparedness information for citizens.


Left to right: REPC members Rod Bell, Pat Diesman, Robert Stadtlander, Rick Ginn, and Tom Peterman, and Keith Mesch, chair of the Alliance.


2015 Second Mile Award

At the ALLIANCE FOR CHEMICAL SAFETY Annual Awards Banquet held January 21st, 2015 Campbell County Emergency Management Director Mr. William Ray Turner and Kenton County Emergency Management Deputy Director/Planner Mr. Rick Watkins were awarded the 2015 Second Mile Award for their work associated with NPEPC emergency planning and preparedness training.

Alliance Awards Banquet


Credential for Professionalism

At the 2014 KEMA annual membership meeting held in September, Association President Doug Tackett bestowed the Credential for Professionalism upon William R. Turner the director of the Campbell County Office of Emergency Management for meeting the requirements and standards of the program in the areas of experience, dedication to integrity, and training as well as contributions to the profession and field of emergency management in Kentucky.

2005 Risk Reduction Achievement Award

Sanitation District No. 1 of Northern Kentucky received this award for eliminating chlorine at the Dry Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant. The District eliminated 20 one-ton containers of chlorine gas used as a wastewater disinfectant and replaced it with sodium hypochlorite, commonly known as bleach. This $2.7 million project reduced risk to more than 6,000 people in Northern Kentucky and Ohio.



Risk Communication Excellence Award

Ed Burk, director of the Kenton County Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency (left), Ken Knipper, director of the Campbell County Disaster & Emergency Services (right) pose with Rob Paxton, chair of the Alliance (middle,) as they accept the Alliance’s 2003 Risk Communication Excellence Award for their work in educating the Northern Kentucky community about Shelter In Place.



Rod Bell, safety manager for Sanitation District No. 1 in Northern Kentucky (left), poses with Rob Paxton, chair of the Alliance (right), as he accepts the Alliance’s 2003 Risk Reduction Award for the district’s work in eliminating liquid chlorine at the Bromley Pump Station.